Frequently Asked Questions


Why Captec Wealth Group?

Captec Investments works hard to be considered one of the leading independent alternative investment consultancies. We specialise in providing thoroughly researched and profitable investments from across the world. These projects are not available from your bank and are backed up by world-class customer service.

These exciting opportunities fall into a range of different investment products and projects, so whether you’re looking to take advantage of a particular investment area, or diversify your overall portfolio, we aim to bring you the most innovative, cutting-edge, and highest profiting investment solutions.

How do you choose the investment opportunities?

Our due diligence process has evolved to what we believe is one of the most thorough in the industry, aimed at offering you the best alternative investments available. Due to our success, we are well known to alternative investment providers and other agents with whom we’ve forged robust working relationships.

Our in-depth research means that we reject the vast majority of the many projects presented to us in order to bring you the most secure and profitable opportunities.

How do I know that you are a reputable company?

The best demonstration of our reputation comes from our clients. When investing with us you have the opportunity to speak to other clients as referees, many of whom have invested with us time and time again.

Unlike other investment companies that you may have dealt with in the past, we focus on maintaining a close relationship with all clients in the Captec family. This collaborative approach means you’ll always have a dedicated consultant on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

We are happy to arrange a face to face meeting with any sincere individual to discuss the investment opportunities we have available.

How are you different from other investment companies?

Captec Wealth Group's reach in the different sectors we operate in work synergistically to benefit all levels of investors - e.g. access to information, exclusive projects, preferential pricing, vast off-market sourcing reach etc.

Investors that work with Captec will receive a fully bespoke service provided by a dedicated Investment Consultant who will work closely with you to understand your personal situation and investment requirements.

Loyalty and building long-term relationships with our investors is the key to Captec’s future success. We pride ourselves on sourcing market leading investment products whilst offering outstanding service before, during and after an investment has been purchased,

What returns can I realistically expect to achieve?

We focus on bringing you realistic, long-term investments. Returns from our projects come in three forms: capital growth, income, and discount. The levels of each vary based on the location of the investment, the asset class, the amount of investment required and other factors. Please contact us to find out which of our projects would be best suited to your needs.

Are there any extra charges other than my investment?

We make the cost of investing completely transparent. All costs, including any additional charges such as solicitors’ costs and administration fees, will be explained fully before you make the decision to purchase an investment. There are no hidden fees or ongoing fees for our services.

How is my money protected?

As a responsible introductory agent, we do not handle clients’ money. All money is handled through a third party, Escrow accounts.
Individual investment projects may provide an additional level of security by offering you the opportunity to hold an underlying, tangible asset.

Your Captec consultant can explain more about the security measures involved in each project. To find out more about the security measures involved in an individual project, please ask your investment consultant.

What happens after I invest?

Since our inception, we have developed a world-class after-sales process. After you have made a reservation, your consultant will be on hand to help you through the investment process. You can expect them to liaise with you on a regular basis to ensure your transaction is completed as smoothly and quickly as possible.

After completion, your consultant will continue to work with you. Backed up by an experienced and knowledgeable senior management team, they’ll be available to help you with any queries, keep you informed, and, most of all, make sure that you are happy at every point throughout the process.

This level of customer care is the foundation of success with our clients, and the reason so many are pleased to recommend us.

How does Captec make its money?

Each company within the Captec Wealth Group has its own specific Term of Business which describes the services we offer and the fees we charge. Terms of Business will be provided upon initial contact for your review. We do not charge any ongoing fees or require an annual subscription for our services.

Does Captec Wealth Group offer any reward for introducing a friend of family member to your company?

Yes. Promoting our first-class service underlies our excellent reputation in the market, so we will give you a £250 Virgin gift card for each successful introduction. Please see the referrals page of our website for further information. For more information please see our referrals page.