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Buying property through a company the pro’s & con’s

Posted on June 14th 2018

The biggest trend that’s taken place during my time in property is the huge and sudden shift to people buying properties within companies. Up until 2015, it was very much a minority choice: there was no compelling need for many people, and mortgages for companies were much less competitive. But then the changes to the treatment of mortgage interested introduced in the summer 2015 budget happened – which made the company route far more appealing. According to brokers, up to 80% of new mortgage applications are now for limited companies.

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Market in Minutes: UK residential development land

Posted on June 7th 2018

Greenfield land values are edging up where house prices are rising, increasing by 0.8% in Q1 2018 and taking annual growth to 2.1%. This compares with 0.1% quarterly growth in Q4 2017 for the UK on average. Growth is focused in the Midlands and Scotland where house prices have continued to climb.

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The Birmingham city centre of the future

Posted on May 31st 2018

We’ve gathered together a few of the key regeneration, infrastructure and property projects which will be changing the face of Birmingham for a very long time.

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The Birmingham Report: Birmingham residential & commercial property predictions for 2018

Posted on April 24th 2018

Mark Evans, Partner and Head of Regional Residential Development and Ashley Hudson, Partner and Head of Birmingham Commercial, review Birmingham’s residential & commercial property markets’ past performance and give predictions for 2018.

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A guide to understanding buy-to-let mortgages

Posted on April 23rd 2018

If you’re buying a property to rent out, you must get a buy-to-let mortgage. Many existing landlords will already know that this market has shrunk noticeably over the last few years, but there are still mortgages out there.

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Posted on October 2nd 2017

There are so many elements to consider when you invest in property, However, one of the most important factors to consider is location. Considering the location of the property before you look for the actual property means that you can find a profitable area where the property will always be in high demand. This will help to significantly reduce risks such as not being able to rent or even sell the property.

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