Captec Management

What we do

Captec Management helps reduce the stress in growing and managing a geographically diverse group of properties within the UK.

Captec Management aims to reduce the stress associated with each of these points so that investors can grow their portfolios to be profitable, efficient and stress free.

Captec Management have great relationships with local management companies in each town/city we work with that have a track record of providing a fantastic level of service when dealing with both tenants and landlords. The work is outsourced to these market leading companies; however, they report directly to Captec. This way you have a much more personalised service.

Due to the purchasing power of Captec Wealth Group and the number of landlords we represent in any one town/development, Captec Management tends to have stronger negotiation power to reduce your overall cost of management.

When using Captec Wealth Group to grow your property portfolio, you will have access to your personal consultant at Captec to ensure you receive our extremely personalised service, regardless of if you have 1, 10 or 100 properties.

What makes us excellent

What we do

Captec Wealth Group has been established to reduce the burden of owning, managing and growing a diverse portfolio of property assets.

Due to the volume of clients Captec Management bring to our partner management companies, we are usually able to negotiate preferential rates exclusive for Captec Management clients, which again, falls in line with Captec Wealth Group’s mantra of “Efficient wealth creation through synergistic investing”.

Tenant Experience

As a landlord, is important to ensure your tenants are as happy as possible so that they respect your property and are also likely to maximise the amount of time they rent the property for.

Tenant retention is key when working with investment properties as it helps reduce void periods (periods in between tenants, when the house is empty and no rent is being paid), remarketing costs to find a new tenant, and renovation costs to bring it up to a standard suitable to re-let.

Why work with us?

Captec Wealth Group believe that investing in property can and should be extremely time efficient and stress free if the right guidance is provided at every point along the way with your best interest at the front of any decision made from an investment perspective.

Captec Management aims to reduce the burden of owning multiple properties and multiple tenants, allowing busy, high net worth investors to confidently take on and grow a property portfolio, knowing that it is not going to become a distraction from their focus and passion.

How we do it

Using local lettings agents to manage tenants on a daily basis can usually be the most efficient way of reducing a landlord’s stress of owning an investment property. However, as the portfolio grows in size and geographical diversity, it can come with a few problems:

The best local management company

1. Finding the best local management company to trust and provide a quality service once you have completed your purchase and take ownership of the property.

Negotiating the management fee

2. Negotiating the management fee down when you only own a small amount of properties in that area (1 landlord with multiple properties in one area tend to receive better rates than investors with just 1 or 2).

Dealing with multiple lettings agents

3. With a growing portfolio, dealing with multiple lettings agents can become a very time-consuming process in itself – almost as bad as dealing with individual tenants by yourself.

Due to The Captec Wealth Group’s strong negotiation power, top lettings management companies would rather manage multiple units with one point of contact – Captec Management, rather than hundreds of individual landlords.

This means the process is much easier/more efficient for the management company that Is doing the work, which in turn filters down to a better service and price for our investors.

We ensure that any third-party companies that we work with maintain a high level of customer service to ensure the ownership of any investment property bought and managed through The Captec Wealth Group, is as seamless as possible at all stages including reservation/purchase, ongoing ownership and refinancing or resale.



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