Captec Investments

Captec Investments

Helps raise start-up capital for property developers and other enterprises in the form of debt or equity-based instruments.

Debt products, commonly referred to as bonds, provide investors a way to finance the early stages of property development such as application for planning permission for a large PRS scheme, usually for a fixed return over a fixed time frame. This can lead to double digit yields without the additional responsibilities that come from owning multiple properties in a portfolio.

Debt products are usually used for short to medium term financial income/ growth goals.

Equity products typically offer investors a share in the profitability of a project by owning a portion of the project. This can come in the form of Joint Venture Partnerships or a profit share scheme, where investor’s returns are determined by the profitability of the project.

This structure is more complex and usually more suitable for more established and experienced investors.

Investors can make money in both the short and long term from these sorts of deals depending on the structure of the project.


At Captec we understand that everyone’s situation and objectives are different, and we believe that everyone can build wealth and achieve their financial goals through strategic investing regardless of their current financial situation. That is why we believe it is essential to offer a variety of viable options for investors with different levels of experience, budget and goals.

Captec prides itself on sourcing investment projects that we believe have the key fundamentals to help our clients achieve their investment goals through focusing on the highly profitable and rapidly expanding PRS market.




  • Discounted prices on individual apartments
  • Off-market opportunities
  • Possibility to invest in projects that would not normally be available to private investors