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Our team of highly trained Property Investment Consultants work with global investors of all levels to source UK property opportunities, based on their specific requirements and goals.

We do not restrict ourselves to one Geographical location within the UK when sourcing investment property. Offering a fully managed service allows us to adapt to market conditions and provide properties anywhere in the UK that we believe have the most potential as an investment at that specific time.

Our team consistently analyse trends in the UK’s property market to ensure we are working with the right property, in the right area, at the right time and finally… at the right price!

Captec Estates benefits from the work we do with Captec Developments, allowing us to provide off-market (not on Rightmove or Zoopla etc) to investors with premium terms and price points.

Captec Estates offers a premium service for first-time investors, experienced investors, high-net-worth (HNW) individuals and family offices looking to increase their property exposure.


Our services

Captec Estates is a real estate investment consultancy that enables you to fulfil your investing goals by making buying properties as investments easy. When you choose us, we empower you to make informed investment decisions.

Property investment sourcing

To provide you with a wide range of validated property investment opportunities, which have optimal investor return potential, we search the UK real estate sector, create strong partnerships with developers and conduct comprehensive due diligence.

Investor empowerment through education

So that you become confident and feel empowered to take control of your own investment decisions, we provide comprehensive and accessible educational resources, including in-depth analyses of all our investment opportunities and locations.

Financial and professional services

You enjoy the convenience and reassurance of accessing our partnership network of trusted professional service providers. We can refer you to mortgage advisers, financial advisers, solicitors, accountants and tax advisers.



The UK’s residential housing market has demonstrated resilience over the long term. Since 1971, house prices have increased in value consistently, with rents experiencing similarly strong growth.

As part of a balanced investment portfolio, real estate enables you to benefit from both:

  • Ongoing income from the rent paid by your tenants
  • Capital gains, as the market value of your property, increases over time.

Through strong partnerships with developers and ongoing real estate market research, Captec Estates brings you high-performing, yet low cost of entry, property investment opportunities.

Figure 1: House prices growth since 1971: Legal & General
Figure 2: Index of Private Housing Rental Prices percentage change over 12 months, Great Britain, January 2012 to February 2018. Office for National Statistics (ONS)


How it works

Following an initial consultation to help us understand your financial objectives, we will conduct research and due diligence on opportunities we believe will meet your goals. Your Captec Estates consultant will create and present a proposal for your review.

You decide which property investments you wish to make. Using one of our panel solicitors – or your preferred adviser – the process begins. Contracts are exchanged to reserve your property, and this is when you will pay your initial reservation deposit –  typically 25-35% of the purchase price.

Once the property is built and ready for handover, the outstanding balance – property price minus reservation deposit – is due. You can pay the balance with a mortgage, cash or a combination of both. We provide you with a panel of mortgage brokers that help you secure finance.

We work very successfully with a variety of investors from first-time property investors with lower budgets and market knowledge, through to much more experienced property investors:


First-time investors

Are you keen to start your portfolio with a low initial cash deposit?

Captec Estates makes property investing affordable and accessible for first-time investors by finding you below market value real estate direct from the developer, and innovative payment plans that place real estate investing within your reach.

You benefit from deals we negotiate with developers to reduce the burden of placing a large up-front deposit, by splitting the total deposit into interest-free payments over the lifetime of the build.

Experienced investors

Would you like to grow your existing property portfolio?

Our team is experienced in meeting more sophisticated property investors’ needs. We do this by creating a bespoke property investment plan that meets your investment goals and provides you with access to exclusive off-market developments.

So, whether you have 10 or 50+ properties in your portfolio and are seeking to add six or 60 new properties every year, we will leverage our developer relationships to negotiate unique deals fulfilling your requirements.

High-net-worth and family offices

Are you seeking investments at all stages from £5m upwards?

We source and structure off-market property deals at every stage of construction, from land without planning permission to completed developments.

Our expert team will leverage our network of off-market properties to meet the return on investment targets of HNW and family offices.

Why Captec Estates?

Our objective is to empower you to take investment decisions that achieve your investment goals.

  • We do the hard work researching and conducting due diligence to offer you the best investments
  • Because we place high volumes of investment properties with our clients, we get preferred pricing and access from our developer partners
  • This means you benefit from exclusive and below market value deals offering potentially greater returns.
  • Our Investor Academy provides unique learning materials, analysis and insight
  • As a result, you become empowered to make the right decisions for your property investment portfolio
  • Our trusted partner network of professional services providers takes the stress out of your property investment transactions.

Empower yourself and build your own resilient and high-performing property portfolio – contact us now to find out how.

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