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Welcome to Captec Estates

At Captec Estates we focus on sourcing the right investment property for our clients. We excel in sourcing new build apartments in high growth areas, requiring little/no time investment to add value.

Captec makes investing in property extremely time efficient and stress-free by providing our investors with the right guidance at every point along the way and having the client best interest at the front of any decision made from an investment perspective.

Purchasing off-market and off-plan properties directly from the developer reduces costs for our investors, proving to be a very successful investment strategy for everyone whose most valuable asset is their time. We specialise in working with our clients to create and implement property investment strategies that show maximum growth and income with minimal time input.

We do not restrict ourselves to one geographical location in the UK when sourcing investment property. Offering a fully managed service allows us to adapt to market conditions and provide properties anywhere in the UK that we believe have the most potential as an investment at that specific time.

Our services

Captec Estates is a real estate investment consultancy that enables you to fulfil your goals by making investing in property easy. When you choose us, we empower you to make informed investment decisions.

Property investment sourcing

To provide you with a wide range of validated property investment opportunities, which have optimal investor return potential, we search the UK real estate sector, create strong partnerships with developers and conduct comprehensive due diligence.

Investor empowerment through education

So that you become confident and feel empowered to take control of your own investment decisions, we provide comprehensive and accessible educational resources, including in-depth analyses of all our investment opportunities and locations.

Financial and professional services

You enjoy the convenience and reassurance of accessing our partnership network of trusted professional service providers. We can refer you to mortgage advisers, financial advisers, solicitors, accountants and tax advisers.

How it works

We offer a bespoke service to help find our clients unique off-market residential investment grade properties and want to make sure that you find the property that is most suitable for your needs. Through our extensive network of contacts, we have the ability to offer our investors exclusive properties that are not on the open market, however are available to our clients.

  1. An initial consultation (phone call) to help us understand your financial objectives. We will then conduct research and due diligence on opportunities we believe will meet your goals. Your Captec Estates consultant will create and present a proposal for your review.
  2. You decide which property investments you wish to make. Using one of our panel solicitors (or your preferred adviser) the process begins. When contracts are exchanged to reserve your property, you will pay your initial reservation deposit.
  3. Once the property is built and ready for handover, the outstanding balance (property price minus reservation deposit) is due. You can pay the balance with a mortgage, cash or a combination of both. We provide you with a panel of mortgage brokers that can help you secure finance.

We work very successfully with a variety of investors from first-time property investors through to much more experienced property investors:


First-time investors

Are you keen to start your portfolio but don’t know where/ how to begin?

Captec understand that investing into property can be a minefield and can become very stressful when there is a lack of clear guidance and education about how to strategically invest in property to minimise stress, maximise returns, and reduce risk, which is why we will help educate, inform and guide you through at every step along the way until you are confident enough to make a decision about what the best solution is for yourself and your personal circumstances.

We are experts in the property investment field and have a team that conduct huge amounts of due diligence on hundreds of different options on the market to ensure that any property we add to our platform has the key fundamentals to be a good investment.

Captec Estates’ goal is to create a culture of confident loyal property investors that return to us whenever they need help or guidance in growing a successful property investment portfolio over time.

Experienced investors

Would you like to grow your existing property portfolio but don’t have the time/energy?

We understand that the time associated with owning multiple properties in different geographical locations can feel like a full-time job sometimes. We believe that owning multiple properties doesn’t have to become a burden and stress, allowing our clients to focus on using their time for the things that really matter – friends, family, travelling, or focusing on main career/business outside of property.

Captec work with our clients long-term to help take them down the most efficient path to achieving complete financial freedom through smart strategical property purchases, management and resale/refinancing.

Captec Wealth Group has been set up to help “cash rich, time poor” investors grow a UK residential property portfolio, using a structured and analytical approach. We support our clients from the start to the end of ownership.

Empower yourself and build your own resilient and high-performing property portfolio – contact us now to find out how.