About Captec Wealth Group

“Investment opportunities and levels of service that are refreshingly different.”

Our Mission

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Captec was founded with a clear vision to create the kind of excellence that investors deserve. We do this by giving you access to both original, profitable investments, and outstanding service. It is through this mission that we aim to create strong long-term relationships with every client in Captec’s family.

By utilising our operations and networks across our group of companies, we believe we are able to offer a premium service, and high-quality investment products, to investors that work with us.

We constantly strive to evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers and the markets and excel in every area we operate. We have a vision for the future. A vision that has driven the rapid growth of Captec from the moment Captec Investments was created in 2015.

Our future is about constantly delivering excellence, which results in forming strong long-term relationships with everybody we work with.

Our Ethos

Responsibility is at the heart of our business. We believe that our integrity, experience and quality of service puts us in a great position to help you build, and continue to build, a successful investment portfolio.

We will only suggest opportunities in which we have conducted extensive research (also called due diligence) to minimise potential risks and maximise your returns.

Giving you the tools and information to make your own informed decisions, our approach is designed to help you take control and achieve results. The success of our business is closely aligned to you because if you prosper, we succeed. Our aim is to provide an industry-leading investment experience, making investing accessible, stress-free and prosperous.

Our Promise

Our promise is to educate and empower all investors that work with us to be able to make strategical investment decisions.
Each investor is different. Captec’s bespoke consultancy service means all of our clients receive a fully personalised, 1-on1 service with their dedicated Investment Consultant who will take the time to understand their personal situation and objectives.
The world of investments is fast-moving and we believe that to stand still would be a disservice to you. Passionate about our work, we are intensely focused on performing at the highest level to find the best balance of risk and return across all investment avenues on your behalf.